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Project n.º 7034

Support under the incentive system

Chip Cleaning Process

Total eligible cost: 504.116 €
EU Financial Support: 277.263,8 €
National public financial support: 0 €

Summary of the project
Pinewells presents an investment project called the Chip Cleaning Process (CCP) that fits the type of innovation process, namely, the implementation of a new and significantly improved goods production process. The project is essentially an innovative change in the manufacturing process, with the insertion of another intermediate section, which allows you to decontaminate the raw material and reduce the high values of ash that can influence the quality of the final product, reducing manufacturing costs. This occurs not only through the inclusion of raw material - until now neglected for having too many impurities -, but also through the reduction of downtime and more hours of useful life of the existing equipment, making the company more profitable.
The exercise, called “Moliceiro 2015”, was programmed by the Comando Distrital de Operações de Socorro de Aveiro [Aveiro District Centre for Rescue Operations] with a view to testing the operability of the rescue and emergency services simulating a real situation in the port facilities, located near the city of Gafanha da Nazaré.

Besides operational training, the drill was intended to exercise planning and the running of a district-wide exercise; collect relevant information related with the planning and carrying out of an action in case of a real fire in industrial facilities in the south terminal of the Aveiro Harbour and exercise all means of protection and recue in a joint-force, between the predefined operational points.

The drill took place on February, 7th, at 10 am. The alert was an outbreak of fire followed by an explosion, and there was a “victim with severe injuries”.

The first intervention took place with a protection team of the Socarpor company, concessionaire of that terminal, that at 10:05 began fighting “the flames” supported by a tank vehicle. Eight minutes after being alerted, the first firefighters arrived at the operations set, starting immediately fighting the “fire” and helping alleged victim with serious injuries.

The "fire" was extinguished by 11:30, and the whole exercise was terminated at 12 pm.

The “Moliceiro 2015” involved a total of 4 fire squads, with nine vehicles and 33 men, with another 5 squades on standby.

Were also involved members of Socarpor, PSP, INEM, Polícia Marítima, Autoridade Nacional de Protecção Civil, the Administration of the Aveiro Harbour and the Aveiro Municipal Council.

On balance, this drill was considered to be positive by the Comando Distrital de Operações de Socorro do Distrito de Aveiro [Aveiro District Centre for Rescue Operations].
In this sense, the company is completing the construction of a new warehouse for the finished product.

With a covered area of 4,500 m2, the infrastructure implied an investment of more than 1.4 M euros, with a finish date scheduled for the end of the current month.

In addition to the storage capacity of the new warehouse, it will act as a logistics platform that will allow for a significant increase in rapidly loading trucks, with undeniable improve-ments in service provided to clients.

The company was once again present for the third consecutive year at Expobioenergia, an event that took place between 21 and 23 October in Valladolid, Spain.

This fair is considered the largest in the sector held in the Iberian Peninsula, also one of the most important in Europe, involving the presence of many professionals in the field, as well as end users.

Being one of the leading companies in Europe, Pinewells’ stand was visited by numerous customers and suppliers, one of the most visited stands at the fair, where it was possible to establish new contacts, promote the company, the products, as well as the overall Group Visabeira and publicize markets in which it operates. 
In 2013 the company increased its turnover by 30% compared to 2012, which correspond-ed to EUR 16,700,000. Recently Pinewells also increased the production capacity with the installation of a fifth press which allowed for placing more product in the market.

In fact, 85% of what is produced in the unit located in Arganil is intended for export, in particular to Denmark, Spain, England and Italy. France and Germany are the priority markets for the current year, however an increase of double sales in the internal market is predicted, i.e. from 15,000 to 30,000 tons.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, using pellets allows for a savings of around 50% compared to fossil fuels, and there is an expected increase in consumption in the next few years in our country and abroad. 
Considered the largest specialty fair held in the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the most important in Europe, Expobioenergia recorded a large attendance from the public, especially of professionals in the sector. Being one of the leading companies in Europe, Pinewells’ stand was visited by numerous customers and suppliers, one of the most visited stand of the fair, where it was possible to establish new contacts, promote the company, the products, as well as the overall Group Visabeira and publicize markets in which it operates. Considering the present market situation, characterized by strong demand, and the fact that the present winter campaign has already started, conversations with several partners focused on the prospects for the 2014-2015 campaign. It is projected that for the next years there will be continued growth in the market for pellets, which will lead to establishing medium and long-term partnerships between manufacturers and distributors, in order to secure supplies. 
Pellets, made from forest residues, are a biofuel that, without causing environmental im-pact, promote the reduction of CO2 emissions and support forest management.

The product marketed is 6 mm in diameter, is in accordance with the new EN Plus stand-ard, and can be found in most hypermarkets, at heating systems company locations, spe-cialty stores and some warehouses, from the North to South of the country. 
Rui Barreiro went to Arganil where Pinewells produces pellets, a fuel for thermal power plants, which has additional advantages due to the fact that is renewable. For the Member of the Government, pellet production is seen as an important way for the developing the forest industry as it is contributing, not only to increased exports, but also to taking advantage of residual industrial raw materials. During the visit to the premises, Rui Barreiro praised the fact that Pinewells has many top qualified technicians on staff, adding value to the region and country. 
This two-silo installation has a maximum storage capacity of 5500 tonnes. It also incorporates a set of feeders and conveyors belts allowing for loading speeds of higher than 400 tonnes an hour. This installation is prepared for loading ships with a capacity of up to 4000 tonnes, exporting to the main European markets. 


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