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Wood pellets are organic fuel in small cylinder particles, produced by compacted biomass, generally from sawdust or wood waste. 

With a calorific value of 17 MJ / kg, equivalent to 5 kWh / kg, wood pellets have low humidity (below 10%) and ash (below 0.5%) content. These characteristics allow for very high combus-tion efficiency, of high energy value and almost clean combustion. On the other hand, its high density, higher than 650 Kg / m3, makes for easier storage and transportation. 

At present, exporting all of its production, Pinewells is among the companies within the Bioen-ergy sector. The company produces a type of bio fuel which, due to its characteristics, has no environmental impact, promoting reduction of CO2 emission. Furthermore, it promotes forest management by using products coming mainly from forest clean up and waste from the wood industry.

Types of Pellets: Domestic: Produced with 100% Pine and with a high energy value, domestic pellets are normally used in wood stoves, ovens, furnaces, boilers, barbecues and fireplaces appropriate for this type of biofuel. 

Industrial: Produced with a properly defined mix of several types, industrial pellets are commonly used in industry for the production of energy/heat


Pinewells’ main objective is to manufacture a product according to the highest quality standards, aiming at customers’ total satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, Pinewells has a ongoing monitoring system of its manufacturing procedures, using its own laboratories, as well external ones. Thus, it carries out several tests on the product, in all of its production stages, as well as testing raw materials, assuring that they meet set requirements. 

As a result of all employees’ effort and commitment, Pinewells became the first Portuguese manufacturer to be awarded with the certification under the ENplus standard, according to EN 14961-2, A1 product, domestic pellets, under the scope of “Certification of wood pellets for heating systems”, one of the company’s goals for 2012. 

Pinewells also believes improvement of its human resources to be of the utmost importance, providing personnel with ongoing training and participation in the company’s projects and goals.

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